Monthly Archives: September 2015

Simplifying ASKO’s complex instructions

This week I’ve had the great joy of learning to use new kitchen appliances (I’ve waited a long time for this new kitchen). Mixed with the pleasure of having appliances that are new and clean comes the challenge of re-learning things that are almost automatic. I’ve spent a week referring to manuals as I try […]

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Sentences need to make internal sense

Writing sentences that make internal sense – with content that connects across a sentence’s various parts – is an easily missed editing task. Here’s a sentence written by my son’s school this week: ‘If successful in the preliminary round, the state final will be held at Griffith University on Saturday 14 November.’ The problem in this […]

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Is PR really dead?

I’ve recently been reading a book called ‘Trust me, PR is dead’ by Robert Phillips, which I bought on the basis of its title at the Hay Festival earlier this year (and if you think that perhaps I included that phrase simply to gloat about being at Hay, you’d be right). Phillips is a former […]

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