About us

Making complex concepts simple11_1

At Information Design Centre, we design information that makes sense to people.

We write and edit documents, facilitate meetings, and conduct qualitative research. Everything we do is focused on clear and simple communication … plain language in a plain way for plain results.

Starting with complex concepts

We develop messages that are plain and simple, but the underlying concepts we communicate often start out as intensely complex. It’s our job to understand the message, understand the audience, and put words together in a way that makes sense.

Sector non-specialists

We call ourselves non-specialists because we approach all projects from the outside. We’re deliberately not topic experts, and this helps us to write in a way that anticipates readers’ needs.

We recognise that our clients are specialists in their industries. We complement our clients’ expertise with our understanding of communication. This means that you can expect us to ask obvious questions and bring a ‘studied naivety’ to our work.

We have a long history in working with the community, government, and university sectors. Our experience with small business and the corporate sector is more recent, and growing. We have worked on projects about public policy, tenancy legislation, Indigenous health, diabetes, mental health, vehicle leasing, childcare, social security, boardroom communication, and dinosaurs … to name just a few.

Plain language certifiers

We offer Gold-Level Plain Language Certification through PlainLanguagePro.