Monthly Archives: May 2015

Word humour

Today’s word humour comes from a rice package. On the top right of the package is printed: ‘Tear here for more flavour’. Presumably, if I open the package with scissors and open from the left, the rice will somehow have less flavour than if I tear from the right? Thanks Uncle Ben’s.

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Unclear phrases detract from the main message

I heard a radio news item yesterday morning reporting that a UK-based politician is ‘hoping for re-election a second time’. It got me wondering about the journalist’s meaning. Did she really mean what she had said, or was it a little slip? It’s a common enough phrase – ‘re-elected for a second time’ – but […]

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Simple sentence errors that reverse meaning

Last week, I was talking to a client about the way that simple errors – like leaving out one word – can change (or reverse) the meaning of a sentence. His example was along these lines: ‘This letter is provided for information only, and should be seen to pre-empt the CEO’s decision’ (I’ve changed the […]

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