Monthly Archives: June 2011

Gaining audience forgivement

What’s the best way to ask audiences to forgive an error? Say sorry and admit the error, of course! Last week I commented on how I had become a non-financial member of a professional association, because the association made it difficult for me to re-join. I hadn’t received a renewal invoice, and was given the […]

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Making things simple for audiences

Communicators are usually interested in motivating audiences to do something. We want people to buy our products, use our services, read our copy, and believe our claims. To motivate audiences, communicators often work hard to make the proposed action as simple as possible. We construct messages and processes that make it easy to buy our […]

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Pictograph confusion

This week I used my credit card to pay for a parking meter. It seemed like a straightforward enough process – follow the prompts on the screen, insert the credit card at the right moment, and it should be done. Yet somehow, I managed to put my credit card in upside-down three times. It wasn’t […]

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