Monthly Archives: February 2011

When nouns become verbs

I’ve never been completely comfortable with nouns that transform into verbs. I’ve learned to put up with ‘impact’ and ‘action’. The Telstra person I was speaking to today continually promised to ‘action my request’, and I barely grimaced. I just hope that she really does follow through! But when did ‘message’ become a verb? This […]

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Communicating in the face of disasters

Last Saturday’s ‘Background Briefing’ on ABC Radio National was about disasters – how to plan for them, how to manage them, and how to communicate about them. The conversation about the benefits (or otherwise) of centralised control during disasters and about the benefits (or otherwise) of spreading insurance risk was fascinating. But what really caught […]

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Getting started

February always seems like a good time to start new ventures. The year is still young, for me work is quite scarce, and there’s time to think about doing new things. Last February I launched The Writing Circle, a Brisbane-based network of workplace writing groups. We’ve got two groups meeting regularly to talk about ways […]

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