Zing – knowledge creation and facilitated collaborative meetings

30_1Zing is an interactive, collaborative, portable meeting system that helps groups to work together in new and innovative ways. It’s a ‘wisdom age’ tool that helps groups to cope with accelerating change and increasing complexity.

With Zing, you can do away with whiteboards, flip charts and marker pens, and work through wireless keyboards using a collaborative process that puts everyone’s ideas on a central screen in real time.

In a facilitated Zing meeting or workshop, all participants have an equal voice, and everyone gets involved. The interactive process makes meetings enjoyable and helps participants to quickly reach conclusions and create new knowledge. The meeting can be structured around a pre-existing Zing template or a series of specially-developed questions.

Zing helps groups to make sense out of complex and rapidly changing situations. It includes tools to vote, sort, weight, rank, combine, summarise, provoke, and decide. It provides a flexible structure for meeting processes, and a method for recording discussions and outcomes.

Zing is ideal for:

  • Research and community engagement
  • Brainstorming and developing ideas
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving
  • Cultural change
  • Team building
  • Business meetings.

Information Design Centre is a Zing facilitator and business partner. We work with a 10-keyboard, portable Zing system and the Zingthing internet software. The portable Zing system is designed for real-time, face-to-face meetings anywhere. Set-up takes just a few minutes, with participants working on wireless keyboards in a meeting room. The internet software allows for real-time, collaborative meetings with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

For more information about Zing, visit Zing Technologies.

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