Writing and editing for print and electronic publications

9_1At Information Design Centre, we like to think of ourselves as writing chameleons.

We change our ‘writing skin’ (our words, our tone, and our style) to suit our clients and their audiences. It’s our job to capture our clients’ voices and use those voices to develop successful messages.

Our writing work includes:

  • Publication development from concept to conclusion – we can take an idea fragment and develop it into a final publication, complete with initial research, concept development, writing through successive drafts, review by subject-matter experts, review by the audience, and publication design
  • Ghost writing – we provide the writing expertise needed to bring our clients’ content to life (for books, articles, fundraising letters, blogs, or any other type of written work)
  • Plain English and structural editing – we work with clients to review and improve draft documents and make them ready for publication
  • Document review – we provide feedback to clients about the likely success of a document, particularly in situations when clients are concerned that something about the document isn’t quite right.

We write and edit content for all types of print and electronic publications. We have worked on booklets, brochures, fact sheets, fundraising letters, information kits, media releases, plans, posters, proposals, reports, websites, and more. We have worked on documents of every size, from one-phrase statements through to large, complex books.
Other services offered by Information Design Centre: