Qualitative research

10_1We conduct research that helps our clients to explore and understand the environment in which they work. Our research provides a sound basis for developing policy, designing communication, and implementing change.

We use qualitative methods to examine the complexity of people’s experiences. We seek to explore what matters to people, understand how and why they make decisions, and think about the ways they make sense of the world.

We design research that is appropriate in context and flexible in design. Our methods are rigorous, robust, respectful, and ethical. Our reporting is independent, thorough, and clear.

We can help with:

  • Research planning, implementation, and reporting
  • Focus groups and group interviews (planning and moderating)
  • Community forums and/or deliberative forums (planning, managing, and facilitating)
  • Individual interviews, whether conversational or structured (design and implementation)
  • Literature reviews
  • Research reports for academic audiences, journal publication, business audiences, and lay audiences
  • Specific types of research – such as usability, communication planning and testing, and evaluation.

Other services offered by Information Design Centre: