How The Writing Circle works

23_1The Writing Circle is designed to help participants to improve their writing skills and build their writing confidence. Through a combination of writing activities, brainstorming, self-reflection, and group discussion, participants learn to question their writing from the perspective of their readers.

The Writing Circle focuses on techniques for consistently producing ‘reader friendly’ writing. Most of our training is not focused on grammar. Instead, we focus on successful strategies for writing documents that make sense to readers, appeal to busy readers, and successfully communicate a clear message.

The Writing Circle’s program is structured to acknowledge that participants are highly literate, competent, and busy. Our training is built around real examples of current documents that illustrate key concepts about communication and writing. We acknowledges that writing needs to be successful in context – there is rarely a ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ way to produce a document, and writers always need to make contextual trade-offs that are relevant for their workplace.

The Writing Circle is organised and facilitated by Dr Judy Gregory. Judy approaches writing training as a co-learner with participants. While she is an experienced writer, editor, and trainer, she recognises that she is not an expert in participants’ business. She works with participants to explore successful ways of writing documents for their workplaces.

The Writing Circle encourages participants to learn from each other in a collaborative and open way, with the support of a professional writer/facilitator. Most sessions are conducted in a small group setting, with a maximum of 20 participants.

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