General workplace writing training

32_1Our publicly-available, general workplace writing training programs are designed for anyone who writes as part of their work. Any workplace writing is relevant.

The Writing Circle’s programs are build around real, current examples of workplace documents – such as letters, emails, brochures, and reports. Participants are always welcome to provide their own examples as part
of the discussion.

The Writing Circle offers two general writing training programs:

  1. Writing documents that readers will want to read (full-day course)
  2. Editing tight & writing right (half-day course)


Writing documents that readers will want to read

This workshop focuses on top techniques for improving workplace writing from the perspective of readers. You will learn how to focus on readers, beat writers’ block, structure ideas, write clear and simple sentences, and question the success of your documents.

Key topics include:

  • What makes good writing
  • Writing for busy readers
  • The writing and editing process
  • Developing content and structure
  • Attacking wordiness
  • Fixing common sentence-level problems
  • Writing in plain English.

This workshop was last held on 21 October 2015.

Editing tight & writing right

This workshop will help to build your editing and proofreading skills. It is designed for people who understand the basics of good writing but want strategies to improve their editing and their attention to detail. You will learn how to edit in cycles, cut writing length, proofread with care, and give constructive feedback. Bring along a laptop or your preferred writing device for a practical, hands-on session.

Key topics include:

  • Editing in cycles: from structure to full stops
  • Proofreading for accuracy and consistency
  • Writing tight: complex messages in 40 characters
  • Giving and seeking feedback
  • Editing collaborative documents.

This workshop was last held on 22 October 2015.

Which format makes sense for me?

Our general workplace writing training programs are offered in various formats: full days, half days, or a series of 90-minute sessions.

Full days and half days have the advantage of fitting neatly into busy lives. They’re a great way to focus on writing for a short time, then go away and reflect on the content in your own time.

The 90-minute sessions require a bit more commitment, as they’re scheduled once a week for 3-to-6 weeks. But they allow more time for learning and reflection, as participants cover the content in smaller chunks and have time to practise their new skills between each session. The 90-minute sessions also allow participants more opportunity to get to know one another and their facilitator – and this encourages more active questioning and reflection on writing.


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