Comments from previous participants

8_1Between December 2012 and July 2015, Judy facilitated 45 writing workshops with more than 600 participants.

  • Subject knowledge: 94% rated Judy’s subject knowledge as Excellent
  • Applying practical content: 86% rated Judy’s ability to apply knowledge in a practical context as Excellent
  • Presentation style: 86% rated Judy’s presentation style as Excellent (with 98% selecting either Excellent or Very Good)
  • Overall rating: 82% rated the overall workshop as Excellent (with 97% selecting either Excellent or Very Good)

“Judy is very on top of her subject. She’s confident to engage in conversation and to take questions.”

“Judy’s presentation style is gentle and friendly, non-judgemental and welcoming of comments.”

“One of the best courses I’ve attended. A valuable use of time.”

“Great presenter. Easy to follow and willing to be open about participants’ interests.”

“For me, the whole course was invaluable and something that I will recommend to others.”

“A very productive and enjoyable workshop.”

“Well worth the time spent in attending.”

“Great course! Thoroughly enjoyed it and you make the time fly by.”

“The workshops were very ‘hands on’ and practical (not a lecture first). It was good to have to think first and then debrief answers.”

“Thanks again for running the writing workshops, you’ve no idea how much of an impact you’ve made.”

“Judy is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to any other work group.”

“Judy’s passion is contagious.”

“I’ve seen Judy’s work improve my own team members’ writing, and my own.”

“I love it when presenters are passionate about their subject and let it show.”

“I loved that I wasn’t made to feel stupid and there was so much opportunity to listen to all the opinions of the group.”

“Judy made a hard topic interesting and exciting.”

“I wish I had you overlooking my work more often.”

“Judy, you obviously go to a great deal of effort in the course handouts and content.”

“Judy shares her passion and engaged me on a level where I want to enjoy my work more.”

“The workshop completely changed my approach to writing, and I will most  likely take on everything I’ve learned.”