The Writing Circle

22_1The Writing Circle is a workplace writing training program specifically designed for people who write as part of their job, but who do not consider themselves to be professional writers. Any workplace writing is relevant.

Improve your writing skills

Writing – and reading the work of others – dominates many people’s working lives.

Some documents are crammed with ideas that seem to jump off the page. Others are like wading through stodgy porridge.

The Writing Circle focuses on teaching top techniques for successful workplace writing. It encourages participants to become self-reflective writers who can write to deadline, consistently produce quality text, and question whether their writing is contextually appropriate.

We acknowledge that our participants are highly literate, competent, and busy. We do not offer simple writing templates. Instead, we provide a venue for people to learn about and improve their writing in a friendly, supportive environment.

The Writing Circle offers:

The Writing Circle is organised and facilitated by Dr Judy Gregory, a professional writer and communication specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in consulting and training.

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