About Information Design Centre

11_1Information Design Centre specialises in clear communication for the government, university, and community sectors.

We are experienced writers, researchers, and facilitators who enjoy the challenge of communicating in a simple way about complex subjects. We work with our clients and their audiences to develop communication that makes sense to people.

We tailor our work to suit our clients and their audiences. This means that we spend time learning to capture our clients’ voices and understand their audiences’ needs. We are experienced in communicating with and writing for a wide range of audiences, including specialist sub-groups, business audiences, and academic audiences. We communicate in a style that acknowledges the existing expertise of audiences, while introducing new concepts in an understandable way.

Areas of expertise

  • Writing and editing for print and electronic publications
  • Plain language certification
  • Engaging with audiences and consumers
  • Qualitative research
  • Project management and planning
  • Community education and social marketing campaigns
  • Training for groups and individuals

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Email Judy: judy@infodesigncentre.com.au