Monthly Archives: July 2016

Taking a risk with venue hire

  As an independent consultant, I’ve often found myself in the position of wanting to run a workshop about a topic that interests me, but not being confident of selling enough tickets to cover the cost of venue hire. For most consultants, committing to a venue hire and catering package is a big risk. You […]

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When informality breaks convention

We live in informal times when many of the conventions of the written form are breaking away. Emails are more likely to start with ‘Hi’  than ‘Dear’. And the sign-off ‘Cheers’ is now more common than ‘Regards’. I quite like a chatty, informal email. For me, email sits in the space between a formal letter and […]

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Sweat the small stuff by all means, but don’t lose sight of the big picture

  The latest issue of Offpress (the newsletter produced by the Society of Editors (Qld)) includes an article on ‘The false precision of fetish editing’ by John E McIntyre. It was originally published in McIntyre’s regular column for The Baltimore Sun. McIntyre makes a point that is easy to miss in the detailed work of […]

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