Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Enforcement side of the ‘3E’s

I’ve always thought that the Three Es theory of social marketing is a useful way of thinking about behaviour change. The three Es are education, enforcement, and engineering — and behaviour change is most likely to be successful when the three Es all work together. This week I saw an interesting version of engineering — presumably […]

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Home Page or Front Page?

I’m noticing a shift away from the term ‘home page’ as the name for the entry page of a website. It’s starting to be called a ‘front page’. I wonder whether this reflects the way that websites are becoming just another form of public communication – one that sits alongside other communication media rather than […]

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Help readers to draw the conclusion you intend

Here’s another example of a sign that expects readers to draw the right conclusion:  It appears outside my local McDonald’s, which is currently undergoing renovation. The problem with this sign, from my perspective, is that it doesn’t make the conclusion clear for readers. Why should people use the drive through? And what is the […]

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