Monthly Archives: July 2012

Agreement in number

I was at the Queensland Museum yesterday, and was struck by the sign outside the cafe: Food and drink is not to be taken into the museum. When did ‘food and drink’ become a singular collective? To me they’re two separate things. I want to see ‘are’ not ‘is’. Picky, yes, but another demonstration of […]

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Electronic communication gone mad

There are times when I feel that we’ve entered an era of electronic communication madness – when we communicate electronically, not because it’s helpful, but because we can. Last week I conducted a research interview in a coffee shop. This is something that I do quite often, and I always ask for a receipt for […]

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Discount vouchers that eat up time & increase frustration

This is a tale about my hunt for information, and how it raised my levels of frustration … Last week I decided that a kids’ movie would make the perfect school holiday activity. I’d seen in the Saturday paper that our local cinema was offering a family holiday discount. Great idea! I went back to the […]

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