Monthly Archives: May 2012

Asking the right questions

I’ve just been given a form for a chess tournament that my son would like to attend. It’s a classic example of a form that fails to ask the right questions to collect the information that the organisers need. The flyer asks parents complete the application form and send it in via mail, fax, or […]

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B is for Blank – the answer to a question that I didn’t know existed

Yesterday I learned that, when you press ‘b’ on the keyboard while using PowerPoint in slide view mode, the screen goes blank. This little bit of information is a revelation to me. I’ve used PowerPoint in thousands of presentations and workshops, and I’ve always assumed that shifting the screen to blank is a function of the […]

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Blind to mistakes

I got another reminder this week of how blind I am to my own mistakes. Not that I’m unusual here – we’re all good at missing the blatantly obvious. My mistake this week was the simple copying of a number from one spreadsheet to another. I couldn’t understand why I had money left after a […]

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